A collaborative process.

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Strategic Consultation & Proposal

Here’s where you’ll begin to see a difference in our approach as we look at the ‘bigger picture’. We’ll talk goals, budgets, timelines, and can even review your long-term video plans to look for economies of scale between projects.

Our team will then present an online proposal outlining the most effective solution within your budget, including a breakdown of costs and recommendations on how to measure results.

Read about a few of the questions we’ll discuss.

Project Planning

A dedicated account manager will have been assigned to act as your central point of contact moving forward. An initial project planning meeting will be held with you and any other stakeholders involved to discuss key milestones and tasks.

We’ll confirm all of this in our online collaboration software which will be used to centralize all communication on the project moving forward.

Creative Development

Our creative development process is designed to facilitate constructive communication every step of the way. Scripts and storyboards are typically developed, along side of a visual style which will best fit with your brand and appeal to your target audience.

Every project is different, and each will demand its own unique variation of the process. Learn all about it here.


This is where the magic happens, but we like to reveal our secrets! We believe that communication is essential to any collaborative project and have implemented tools which improve communication throughout production.

Check out some useful articles and videos on what you can expect during production in our Knowledge Centre.

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Delivery & Optimization

Upon completion, a wrap-up report will be provided which details all technical and legal information. It’s a great tool for us when revisiting projects in the future, but it may also come in handy for you in case you’d ever like to make changes to the project without us.

We’ll setup professional video hosting for you to which project deliverables can be directly uploaded and optimized. Custom thumbnails will be created, along with closed captions for search and the hearing impaired.

We can even provide regular monitoring and reporting, to help maximize results and make improvements over time.