Our in-house 750 sq ft green-screen studio and voice-over booth will help you look and sound your best.


Take a tour of our video production studio, voice-over booth, and offices in this interactive 360 video – no VR headset required! Just click and drag with your mouse, or move your phone to pan and tilt.

Our Production Studio

Our 750 square foot studio comes complete with all of the camera, lighting and audio equipment you’d ever need including a teleprompter, along with a green screen and an assortment of different coloured backdrops.

The adjacent boardroom acts as a holding area and ‘green room’ during filming, where make-up/hair and catering are setup.

Our Green Screen Studio

Our Voice-Over Booth

Most of our voice-over work is contracted out to professional actors with their own studios which allows for a very quick turn-around at a low cost, while giving us access to native speakers in virtually any language. But for longer videos, or where a member of your team might be acting as the voice, we’ll do the recording in this specially sound treated room.