Choosing a Video Production Company

By November 13, 2012

Video production is far from a commodity and hiring the right company really could determine the success of your next video project.

There are several factors which should be considered, especially if you are looking for a long-term supplier or partner.

Since rates tend to be fairly consistent within the industry, when comparing proposals from several production companies you may find a difference in price based solely on the scope of the project having been interpreted differently by other producers.

This type of miscommunication can unfortunately lead to clients being unhappy with the final product or with a final bill that is larger than the original estimate, so be sure to work with a firm with a solid track record and keep in mind the considerations below.

Independent Producers

Many independent producers market themselves as full-service production companies, but in reality may work from home and on a project-by-project basis.

The benefit of working with an independent or even a ’boutique’ firm is of course that they are often cheaper, having much lower overhead. These producers typically still produce very high quality work and with more of a ‘filmmaker’ approach and strong creative direction.

But what happens if that person gets sick during the project or is away on vacation the next time you need them? Even worse, what if they go out of business and you can no longer access your project for revisions?

Production Companies

More established video production companies like Basetwo Media can offer much better service and support. Since we are much more scalable, we are more able to respond to last-minute requests and our strategic use of freelance production crew allows us to handle any volume of work.

Long-term access to any completed materials or raw footage is something that should be considered as well. We have had many clients come to us with an existing video which they are hoping to update (eg. perhaps their current supplier is no longer in business), but without having been provided with the assets required to do so by their previous video production supplier.

We have a delivery & wrap-up process which makes it easier to request a copy of the raw footage and project files in order to make changes internally or with another vendor.

Copyright & Licensing

A major consideration when hiring a supplier is the ownership of the final video. All of our services are provided as ‘work for hire’, therefore our clients own all resulting raw footage and completed work.

We also waive all moral rights, meaning that we do not put our logo or name anywhere on the video, nor do we require that you give us credit.

You should be made to understand any licensing restrictions of assets used in the video, such as music and photos. Learn more about the important legal considerations in video production.

The most important thing is a company’s track record. How long they have been in business, their list of past clients, any client testimonials and case studies should all be verified.

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