The Proposal Road Map

By November 16, 2012

Our team will prepare a project proposal detailing our plan and creative approach.

But in the absence of an existing creative brief and budget or a well-defined project scope, proposing an approach for a video project can be very much a ‘consultative’ process. The Proposal Road Map will be used to guide us along the way.

1. Establishing Your Goals

To first get an overview of your goals for the project, we will discuss:

  • Purpose of the project (eg. sales, training, etc.), target audience, and desired response or call-to-action.
  • Distribution planned (eg. for use at trade shows, on website, etc.).
  • If a specific timeframe or delivery date is required.
  • The key decision-makers & stake-holders.

2. Determining the Scope

There are several things to consider when determining the scope of the requirements for the project, including:

  • If any filming of interviews, testimonials or ‘b-roll’ will be required.
  • Whether a voice-over would be used and, if so, will script writing services be needed.
  • How much motion graphics work and if 3D animation will be needed.
  • The deliverables that may be required.

It would help to also see any samples of videos that may be similar to your project to give us a sense of the level of quality or ‘production value’ you may be expecting.

3. Determining the Budget

We may be able to estimate costs based on a well-defined scope, but typically your budget will need to be considered before an appropriate solution can be proposed.

We can show you some samples of other projects that we have produced within different ranges to help you determine a budget, if one has yet to be allocated.

4. Proposing an Approach

Assuming that we are a good fit for the project, we should now have enough information to present a formal proposal.

We will outline in detail our approach and plan for the project, along with a summary of the estimated costs and examples of similar projects we have completed.

5. Getting Started

Should you then choose to work with us, a line-level quotation (along with our terms of service) will simply need to be signed as our contract and an initial deposit paid. Now the project can begin!

Learn more about our process or get started now by requesting a consultation with one of our account managers.