YouTube Video Search Optimization Tips

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Uploading a video to YouTube does not guarantee that it will be found and seen. Following these basic search optimization tips will help.

The YouTube search engine uses three basic items to rank your video for a given keyword:

YouTube search elements

  • The title of your video
  • The description of your video
  • The tags assigned to your video

1. Title Optimization

This is perhaps the most important thing you can use to grab a viewer’s attention within search results.

Make it catchy and try to include some keywords which people might use when attempting to find your content.

2. Description Optimization

Make your description compelling and concise. Try to include any relevant keywords, but be sure to keep this in a properly written format that can be read by a human being (avoid keyword stuffing).

This is also the place to include a link to a related website or any other contact information. In most cases, it’s best to include a URL at the very beginning of your description.

3. Tag Optimization

Tags are keywords which most accurately describe the content of the video. They can be entered as single words or phrases by including multiple words within quotations.

Think outside the box on this one, considering regional attributes, and possibly even the terms of competing products or services. Most importantly, think of search terms which would be used by a layman, not necessarily the industry terms with which only you are familiar.

Other Factors

You will have a choice from several automatically generated thumbnails which will represent your video. Although this does not directly affect your ranking within the search results, it may affect a viewer’s decision to click on your video – so choose something interesting.

The category to which you submit your video may affect its exposure to a targeted audience who may choose to browse within a specific category instead of performing a general search.

You can now also add Captions & subtitles to YouTube videos which will make them accessible for the hearing impaired along with the search engine optimization benefits of traditional text.

Remember that YouTube is fundamentally a social network. Participating in the community, networking, commenting and ranking the videos of others are all good ways to increase your views and ROI of your videos.

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