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Here you’ll find ebooks, videos and other resources to help you get better results from your videos.

Strategy & Script Writing

Guide to Explainer Videos Ebook

Explainer videos can be a great way to convert customers, but only if they’re done effectively. In this ebook, we explore everything from video length, choosing music, and distribution.

The Storytelling Ebook

From cave paintings to religious parables, the most enduring ideas in human culture have been presented in the form of a story. But what exactly is storytelling and how can it be used in your video?

The Definitive Guide to Inbound Video Marketing

For your marketing videos to be effective, they must be contextual, focusing on each stage of the sales funnel.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the different ways that you can use video within each step of the Inbound Sales & Marketing Methodology in order to attract and convert Leads, close prospects, and delight your customers.

Script Writing

Scriptwriting for Video 101

The importance of storytelling, how long a video should be, and more.


Guide to Preparing to be On-Camera

How to look your best on camera, including what to wear and how to read from a teleprompter.

Media Training Tips from Jaeny Baik

Media Training with Jaeny Baik

Don’t know what to say, or how to say it on video? Empower yourself with a few simple media techniques that will dramatically improve your performance!

DIY Video Production Webinar

DIY Video Production Webinar

Learn strategies for using video throughout your organization, as well as tips for setting up your own studio and filming and editing videos in-house, in a recording of our most recent live webinar.

Hosting, Distribution & Optimization

Video Thumbnail Optimization

For people to click on your video, you need to catch their attention. Make sure your video gets played with an attractive and relevant thumbnail.

Getting Started with Hosting, Optimization & Reporting

Where to host your video, how to optimize it for search, and ways to measure performance to maximize results.

Wistia Video Hosting

Guide to Wistia Video Hosting

Getting started with Wistia, including how to arrange your videos into projects and begin to take advantage of some of its more advanced features.

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