We’re an award-winning agency with a story to tell.

Since founding the company way back in 2004, we’ve produced a lot of great work for some amazing clients.

We’ve also heard from many that the cost of video was too hard to justify, the ROI impossible to measure. Others who did occasionally invest in videos, did so simply to check off a box on a list once every couple of years.

Over the years, we’ve seen our industry evolve tremendously, with the emergence of high definition video and the birth of YouTube. One thing is for sure, that the concept of the silver bullet ‘corporate video’ is a thing of the past. Video marketing has matured to become a powerful tool which can deliver measurable results through strategy, optimization, and iteration.

Our long-term clients will have noticed a change over the past few years in the way we approach our work. Simply put, our goal is for you to see such tangible results from our work that you want to produce even more videos with us in the future – not simply to check off that box.

As an organization, we operate under a strong set of values and beliefs.

  • We believe that strategy should come before tactics.
  • We believe in results and that they should be measured.
  • We believe that earning and maintaining the trust of our clients is crucial to doing good work.
  • We believe in collaboration and clear communication.
  • We believe in continual improvement through constant learning.
  • We believe that video should be contextually appropriate and platform specific.

Most importantly, we believe that video can be a powerful tool for telling stories and connecting with people in an authentic and engaging way. If you believe these things too, then maybe we should talk.

Meet the Team

Basetwo Media is a video production company with offices in Vancouver and Toronto that helps organizations across Canada to communicate and educate with video.