how to get your videos shared

7 Ways to Make Your Videos More Shareable

Each day, we’re bombarded with videos posted to social media platforms and sent to us by email. There are many reasons why people choose to share a video online, but first and foremost the video must resonate with the viewer in some way. While there is no secret recipe for a viral video hit, there are a few ingredients that can increase the chances of your videos being shared.

How Much does Video Production Cost

How Much Does Video Production Cost?

If you ask several video production companies how much a video costs, you’re likely to get several different and conflicting answers. While it’s true that every video can be a little different, there are some key factors that tend to affect cost more than others.

3 Types of Data for Video

Qualitative, Observational, and Quantitative: The 3 Types of Data to Improve Your Videos

Measuring and analyzing the performance of your videos is important as you attempt to continually improve the results of your video marketing and communication efforts. But not all video metrics are equal, and not all data are collected in the same way. It’s in how you combine these various forms of data that allows you to make more informed decisions. Here are the 3 types of data that you can use in order to improve the performance of your videos.

Autoplay Home Page Video

Rethinking the Autoplay Home Page Video

An image is worth 1,000 words, and people seem to want to read less and less. So how could including a flashy video right on your home page be bad, and are there times when including an autoplay video might be okay? Here are a few considerations to help you rethink the autoplay home page video.

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