Subscription-Based Video Production Services

Helping you plan, execute, and iterate with predictable expenses.

Engage your audience on social media and generate leads using video in your content marketing. Our subscription-based video production services help mitigate the unpredictability of costs and timelines, while we help you to iterate over time to maximize results.

Strategic Consulting & On-Going Review

It all starts with strategy! We’ll begin with an initial strategic review where we’ll help you find the best opportunities to use video throughout your organization, from content marketing, to sales enablement, staff recruitment, and on-boarding.

Whether producing your own content in-house, or working with our production team, monthly follow-ups are key to ensuring long-term success. These video conference calls are where we’ll review the performance of your videos to see what’s working and what’s not, making recommendations on best practices for on things like video search engine optimization and script writing.

  • Video blogging or Youtube channel strategy
  • Content marketing teasers (eg. ebook landing pages)
  • Personalized ‘team’ videos, video voicemails
  • FAQ videos

Learn how Bob Joseph, President of Indigenous Corporate Training, gets results from video in his content marketing and benefits from our on-going consultations.

Take an interactive 360 tour of our studio – no headset required!

Filming & Editing Services

Our 750 square foot green-screen production studio is available on an hourly basis for our retainer-based clients. The studio comes equipped with a variety of backdrops, lighting and camera equipment, and a teleprompter, along with a technician to help run the show.

Whether you film at our studio or would like to provide your own footage, let our video editors bring it all together in post-production, along with supporting motion graphics.

DIY Studio Setups

Many companies are choosing to shoot their own videos in-house, and we think that’s great. We can make recommends on what gear to buy and where to film, as well as training your staff on how to setup and use your equipment.

We also offer on-going workshops and webinars on a variety of topics including production, directing, and script writing, exclusively for our on-going clients.

What you need is a process, you need someone who can coach you through that process, and a process that you can iterate along the way.

Warren ThompsonMarketing Director, Kintec Footwear

Learn about how we helped Kintec setup their own in-house production capabilities, and how they benefit from our on-going support.

Initial Template Creation

A mock-up and style guide will be created for each video series during the first month for a cost of $800 plus taxes. This only needs to be created once, provided the style and approach to the videos does not change.


$ 1,200

Per Month
  • 1 filming session
  • Up to 2 edited videos
  • Script consulting
  • Monthly strategic review

AcceleratedMost Popular

$ 2,000

Per Month
  • Up to 2 filming sessions
  • Up to 4 edited videos
  • Script consulting
  • Monthly strategic review


$ 3,500*

Per Month
  • Up to 2 filming sessions
  • 4 or more edited videos
  • Complete script writing services
  • Enhanced motion graphics
  • Online video optimization
  • Monthly strategic review

* Prices can increase based on number of video hosting platforms being used, the complexity of motion graphics, etc. All filming assumes use of our in-house studio. On-location filming subject to additional travel/setup fee of $250 plus taxes.

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