TELUS ‘Columbus’ Story of Change

Project Summary TELUS was preparing for big change within the company, and they wanted a way to communicate their philosophy of change to their entire staff. A member of the organization’s leadership team had been using a story of navigation and discovery to help them to get this message across in team meetings, and hoped […]

FNHA ‘Gathering Voices’

Project Summary The First Nations Health Authority wanted to foster an intergenerational dialogue between elders and First Nations youth, while taking advantage of the opportunity to work with youth at a recent conference. Our team was brought in to facilitate a conversation with several groups of youths, giving them a chance to share their honest […]

CPSNS ‘Physicians Peer Review’

College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia developed a new Physician Peer Review program designed to proactively support physicians to improve their practice and patient outcomes.

BCAA Staff Explainers

BCAA was looking to communicate how they could help their employees with their retirement planning, but they wanted to avoid doing so in a corporate and traditional way.

VGH + UBC Hospital Fundraiser

VGH + UBC Hospital Foundation was aiming to raise one million dollars in its inaugural Time To Shine Gala.

UNESCO Biosphere Reserves Explainer

Project Summary The Canadian Biosphere Reserves Association aimed to explain how the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve seeks to maintain the health of natural systems while meeting needs of communities. The organization brings shared knowledge to federal and provincial government policy shapers who can help promote environmental stewardship, sustainable livelihoods and learning. By connecting with UNESCO’s network […]

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