BC Hydro ‘Energy Savings Tips’

Project Summary

BC Hydro’s “Do-It-Yourself And Save” campaign is part of an effort to educate the public about simple ways save energy in the home. They saw an opportunity to use video to further engage people in that conversation.

DIY videos may look simple, but they require a lot of planning and organization. This one involved a number of locations and props, as well as a host with some specialized home-repair skills.

Even something as apparently simple as changing a faucet can pose unforeseen filming challenges (is the nozzle threaded inside or out?), so preparation was essential for success. We scripted the videos strategically so that there were no such uncertainties during production.

This project is a great example of the important of pre-production. Scripting, scouting, finding props –  they’re all part of the same creative process. Watch the rest of the series below.

BC Hydro

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