BC Hydro’s Industrial Strategic Energy Management program provides a suite of benefits for large industrial customers interested in making energy management a strategic priority, including a Cohort program where a group of customers complete a 2-year program with the guidance of energy consultants who work closely with the group through the curriculum to embed SEM within their company.

An opportunity existed to produce a video to act as a recruitment tool to help attract future Cohort program participants. The target audience were large Industrial BC Hydro customers interested in integrating strategic energy management practices into their business, as well as newly recruited participants with questions about what to expect in the program.

We relied on a BC Hydro employee to act as the ‘anchoring voice’ to help explain the key benefits of the program, along with testimonials from two customers, Kodak and Nestle, as success stories.

The video also acted as promotion for the highlighted companies themselves, given that a secondary objective was to make the participating costumers feel recognized and proud to share the video with their organization.