BC Hydro ‘Methylmercury’ Explainer

Project Summary

At BC Hydro’s Site C Clean Energy Project on the Peace River, an environmental monitoring program is underway which includes the development of a Site C Methylmercury Monitoring Plan.

COVID-19 had limited the ability for BC Hydro to engage with Indigenous communities directly on program information and results. The hope was that a short video could help communicate the results of the FWCP study and the approach for methylmercury at Site C, while addressing historical and current Indigenous concerns.

BC Hydro aims to strengthen relationships and trust with Indigenous groups by being transparent about methylmercury and the approach at Site C, and to support Indigenous interests by addressing historical impacts of methylmercury at Williston and Dinosaur reservoirs and the Peace River.

The video was shared with Indigenous groups through virtual community meetings and forums, along with social media and other online channels. 

BC Hydro

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