BC Hydro ‘Quick Energy Concepts’

Project Summary

BC Hydro’s Power Smart for Schools Program helps teachers across BC educate their students about electricity, conservation, safety, and a variety of other topics.

Many of the program’s educational activities reference specific energy terms and concepts, and our client wanted to develop a series of short-form videos that help explain energy concepts in a way that is fun and educational for K-12 students.

Our team was brought in to create four 3D-animated videos, including all scripting, style framing, storyboarding, and animation. Throughout the development process, we made sure to keep the tone fun, humorous and engaging for students, while also looking to use storytelling wherever possible.

Hopefully, these videos will result in a higher engagement for Power Smart for Schools educational materials, as well as increased support for the BC curriculum and a better understanding of energy concepts from students.

Watch the rest of the videos in the series below.

BC Hydro



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