BC Hydro had recently launched an update to its branding. The organization’s statement of purpose and promise to its customers and employees was meant to serve as a reminder that “power is what we do and smart is how we do it”, and the new branding and tone aimed to reflect this.

One of the largest misconceptions amongst employees was that the brand was just a logo, when in reality it’s more about the perception that customers and employees alike have for the organization when they see or hear its name.

In order to help BC Hydro’s employees communicate to customers and co-workers more effectively, the organization created ‘Brand hub’ filled with tools and resources to help communicate in a way that reflects its vision, values and personality.

Basetwo Media created a series of videos to help raise the profile of the Brand hub, why it exists, and to let employees know about the time tools available. These videos used a combination of screen captures and original animation, along with music, sound design, and a professional voice-over scripted by our team.