BCAA needed a short video to explain how home insurance can help protect you from unexpected mishaps in the home. They wanted to use the video as a fun preamble to their Home Insurance seminars, and as part of a broader community engagement project. Their challenge was that they wanted the video to be fun and lighthearted, but they also wanted to demonstrate the very real hazards that exist in the home. We knew our viewers would respond more strongly to situations they could personally relate to, so we researched the most common home disasters.

We chose the situations that naturally involved an element of humor—things like a lint-clogged washing machine overflowing, or a dog “accidentally” destroying your living room. Then we designed cartoon characters to act them out, including a rambunctious yet loveable pooch. This style, along with our tagline “stuff happens”, spurred a series of similar videos with BCAA. In fact, our pooch was so popular that he even got to make a cameo in a later video about travel insurance.