BCAA Staff Explainers

Project Summary

BCAA was looking to communicate how they could help their employees with their retirement planning, but they wanted to avoid doing so in a corporate and traditional way.

We came to the conclusion that a ‘whiteboard’ style animated video would be the right approach to present this type of information, giving somewhat of a ‘lesson’ feel to the video and presenting facts and figures in a more casual and easily digestible manner. We also used approachable character styles and added some hints of colour to make the line-art pop, drawing the viewers attention to key elements on the screen. This is a great example of how a complicated topic can be delivered in an accessible and engaging way.

Our team went on to work with BCAA on a number of subsequent staff education initiatives, including the additional two examples below. The first was intended to explain the benefits for both customers and staff of a new ‘Greeter App’ that was being introduced in order to ensure buy-in. The second served to demonstrate a new ‘Next Best Action’ feature of the customer relationship management software.


Education, Change Management



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