BC Federation of Students PSA

Project Summary

The BC Federation of Students (BCFS) is a provincial alliance of 14 university and college students’ unions from every part of BC. One of its key priorities was the reduction of interest on student loans. 

Along with traditional materials like postcard, the organization wanted to produce a video to support the campaign. The goal of the video was to remind students and members that the BCFS is still working hard on this issue while increasing awareness among the general public.

We decided that a combination of ‘live-action’ and animation would be ideal to deliver the message. First, we filmed a member of BCFS’ team in a green-screen studio reading a script from a teleprompter and then we integrated the illustrated data through motion graphics, bringing this data to life in an engaging way.

The resulting video was promoted heavily on the organization’s social media channels, as well as used by the other 13 student unions who helped to amplify the message.

The campaign was a huge success and played a key role in persuading the BC Government to eliminate interest charges on the provincial portion of post-secondary student loans. As soon as the decision was officially announced a few months after the initial video was released, we quickly produced a short follow-up video to announce the good news on social media, which you can see below.


BC Federation of Students

External Communications


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