BC Hydro ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’

Project Summary

BC Hydro hoped to offer teachers a new teaching tool as part of the BC Hydro Schools Program which would be both educational and engaging.

We explored the idea of producing up an interactive video activity which would take students through a safety scenario in a ‘choose your own adventure’ format, similar to the Netflix film ‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’ which had just been released.

After conducting our initial research, our team when through an extensive planning and creative development phase in order to map out each possible scenario while taking into account the constraints in terms of budget and logistics. It’s possible for the ‘decision tree’ to grow exponentially large with this type of project, but our goal was to keep the total amount of original video content to no more than 10 minutes, given that a user might want to try several different possible paths in a single viewing session.

Teachers can access the video via the Power Smart for Schools website, which provides additional instructions on how to introduce the subject of safety to their students, how the activity works, and the B.C. curriculum connection. Teachers then have the choice to either run the video activity as a class or to let students watch the videos individually or in small groups.

Give it a try yourself and see if you can safely find Sparky!

BC Hydro



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