BC Hydro ‘Winter Safety’ Campaign

Project Summary

BC Hydro wanted to educate the public about the hazards associated with electricity, in an effort to decrease electrical injuries which tend to increase during winter months.  

Over the last few years, survey results have shown a lack of awareness about what to do in the event of a downed power line or when a tree has fallen on a line, and most (80%) of reports came directly from customers, meaning they were not calling 9-1-1 as they should have. 

BC Hydro was planning to launch its annual Winter Safety Campaign across its digital channels. They brought our team in to produce a series of ‘streeter-style’ videos with Dave (BC Hydro’s employee and spokesperson for the campaign) discussing with members of the public what they might do in a variety of potentially dangerous situations, reinforcing the fact that, like with power lines, you don’t want to take any chances and should always call 9-1-1 right away.  On top of that, a variety of educational experiments and demonstrations were also filmed to show things like how far a ‘safe distance’ of 10 metres really is and how hard this is for most people to judge appropriately.

As a result, the campaign provided a measurable decrease of calls directly from customers and a corresponding increase of calls to the emergency line. Watch some of the other videos in the series below.

BC Hydro

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