BC Real Estate Association Educational Series

Project Summary

The BC Real Estate Association was in need of help demonstrating the changing technologies, practices and landscapes within the realtor profession, to be used during a series of presentations being given to Realtors.


Our team believed that a series of 3 animated videos could best accomplish this task. The videos would be played during the presentations in order to spur further group discussion, while helping to ‘break up’ the the presentations and to make them more engaging for participants.

Through the creation of an animated character called ‘Ray” and his/her journey through three decades, we looked at significant benchmarks and developments in the real estate industry from 1985 through to 2013 and explored what these forces might mean for future generations of realtors, asking the question who will Ray become in 2021.

Once you’ve met Ray in the video above, watch the second and third videos in the series below to meet Rae and Raeko as well.

BC Real Estate Association




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