Build Direct created a marketing campaign called #makeitbetterBD whose purpose was to offer fun and light-hearted advice to home-renovators. They knew they wanted to include video in their campaign, and that they wanted to involve their staff, but they needed a concept that would work – and that could be executed on a tight schedule.

We decided to use a creative editing style called “jump cutting”. This served as a storytelling technique, but also as a production strategy. We scripted the videos so that a teleprompter could be used, and the frequent cuts and creative use of props meant that our inexperienced subjects had no problem delivering their lines to camera in an authentic way. The result was a funny and engaging series of staff-hosted videos.

This series is a good example of how the nuances of scripting, shooting and editing can work together in harmony – if you’ve got a clear strategy to start with. Watch more of the videos from the series below.