Did you know that melanoma is one of the most common forms of cancers for youth between 15 and 29? The Canadian Cancer Society aims to change this with the Tanning Is Out Challenge and required a PSA to help communicate their message.

The first step in the project was to reach out to skin cancer survivors and people whose lives had been affected by skin cancer in some way. It was with these personal stories in mind that we wrote the script so that real stories and experiences could be represented.

With our survivors signed on there was a need to cast additional actors to participate and after a sending out a diverse casting call we were lucky enough to have some wonderful actors on board who we willing to volunteer their time to this project. It was important that the talent chosen appealed to the audience demographic (mostly high-school aged teenagers) but also be representative of different skin types, because contrary to popular belief, skin cancer is not something that only pale skinned people are prone – anyone can be affected by melanoma.

Filming took place in our green-screen studio where we were really impressed with the professionalism and performances of both the actors and survivors. There was a really positive mood around the studio that day because we were working together on a message that was held in high regard among us all.