We worked with Fraser Health and Sources Community Resources to take on a major video challenge. Their goal was to inspire dialogue and raise consciousness about the role that compassion can play during a first responder’s interaction with a substance user. The subject of the video touched on several complex social issues, and necessitated a good deal of sensitivity, open communication, and understanding among all team members.

In order to tell this story, we interviewed people in a multitude of roles. The project was a massive collaboration, involving Emergency Room staff, RCMP, paramedics, government officials, mental health workers, and other experts in a range of fields. We also spoke with clients – individuals who had received care from first responders in the past, and who wanted to share their experiences.

What emerged from these interviews was a series of powerful stories. From these, we produced a documentary, combining interviews with dramatization, about the deeper effects that compassion, inclusion, and engagement can have in the effort to build a healthier society – particularly for individuals who are marginalized or in positions of vulnerability.

The trailer for the documentary, Moments To Milestones featured below was shared on social media by internationally renowned author, Dr. Gabor Mate (who participated as an interviewee) and other stakeholders involved. Since its screening to a full house in a local theatre, the video has far exceeded its original mandate, and been adopted by mental health communities all over the world. You can see the full length documentary on Fraser Health’s YouTube Channel.