FNHA ‘Compliments and Complaints’

Project Summary

The First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) was looking to promote more widely the option that people can reach out to them for compliments and complaints about their experiences in the healthcare system, given that lots of the communities across BC don’t know about this service.

Our team was brought in to create a 2D animated video with this in mind, so we developed a script that took the perspectives of three characters as a way of encouraging a broader audience to identify with the characters’ experiences. We also developed a style that was culturally sensitive and inclusive.

We did have a moment of cultural humility as a team on this one. We recognized the inherent value of having authentic Indigenous performers provide the voices for the onscreen characters. This wasn’t the original plan, but in the end, the different-textured voices may be the most striking part of the video.

As a result, our team created some inspired animation and did a great job walking the fine line between the representation of Indigenous culture without veering into appropriation.

First Nations Health Authority

Healthcare, External Communications


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