FNHA ‘Gathering Voices’

Project Summary

The First Nations Health Authority wanted to foster an intergenerational dialogue between elders and First Nations youth, while taking advantage of the opportunity to work with youth at a recent conference.

Our team was brought in to facilitate a conversation with several groups of youths, giving them a chance to share their honest thoughts and feelings about their elders, with an aim to create an emotionally engaging video that could be shared at an upcoming conference for First Nations elders as well as online.

The main challenge was to create a relaxed and comfortable experience, giving these young people a real chance to speak from the heart. We captured their answers on camera, and assembled them to tell a story. The authenticity of their feelings really comes across, and that is a big part of why this story has an emotional impact.

Projects like this are a good reminder that, with a few key storytelling techniques, video can be a powerful tool in putting people in touch with deeper ideas and emotions.

First Nations Health Authority

External Communications


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