‘Trauma and Resiliency Informed Principles’ for Fraser Health

Project Summary

Fraser Health wanted to create a training series showcasing the effect of Trauma and Resiliency Informed Principles (TRIP) in bed-based substance use treatment and mental health support facilities.

The idea of TRIP is to have a mindset rooted in empathy, compassion, and an overall sensitivity to the unique needs and circumstances of the patients of these facilities.

Our team was commissioned with the production of a video series covering five topics that would be used in self-study online courses, as well as instructor lead courses.

Our client’s perspective was that the most effective way of conveying these ideas would be through the staging of a series of scenarios where a particular interaction between patient and caregiver could be shown to play out in two ways: first with the caregiver taking an ‘unprincipled’ by-the-book approach to the situation, followed by a second version where the caregiver takes a TRIP-informed approach, yielding more effective results.

We decided to lean into the use of a narrator to universalize the scenarios and have a wider swath of viewers connect to the different situations and characters. We’re confident that this video series will help improve the quality of services provided at these facilities and make a significant change in workplace behaviours.

Watch a second video from the series below.

Fraser Health

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