BC Ministry of Education ‘Graduation Numeracy Assessment’ Video Series

Project Summary

The Learning Modernization Project within the BC Ministry of Education required a series of videos to be produced in both English & French to support the new Graduation Numeracy Assessment.

The videos would aim to introduce teachers and students to the five numeracy processes (Interpret, Apply, Solve, Analyze, Communicate), as well as the typical assessment questions that would be encountered and the thought processes that students could use when responding.

Our team led the casting process for and hired two professional actors, one English-speaking and one French, to act as our student talent. Supporting motion graphics were created to help illustrate some of the concepts being discussed, while maximizing engagement from our student audience.

We produced a series of 5 videos in both English & French which were made available on BC’s Ministry of Education website, as well as used in presentations and as part of the assessment administration process. Watch a second example from the series in French below.

BC Ministry of Education


English, French

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