NuData Security harnesses the power of passive biometrics and behavioral analytics to help businesses to accurately verify their good and bad users online. The company was in need of a video presentation to quickly explain how their solution works to be used as a conversion tool on their website.

Our goal was to script and produce something that would be fun and engaging, yet which very clearly explained the product benefits in a way that those who are both very technical and less so could appreciate.

We also created a slightly extended version of the video (seen below) for use at the 2016 METAwards show in Las Vegas. The idea was to have the character in the video ‘Ryan’ walk out on stage after the video was shown – wearing the same hat as in the video. Congratulations to NuData Security for their win in the established category!


As a more complicated product with a long sales cycle, we were struggling to communicate our message and visualize its illustration. Their professionalism, creativity, and effective communication was invaluable with such a limited time scope and ultimately the team created a final product that helped win us the award!

Karen TaylorMarketing Coordinator, NuData Security