Okanagan College Students’ Union Recruitment Video

Project Summary

Due to the lack of face time with students given COVID-19, the OCSU was looking for an efficient way to spread their message virtually through their LMS platform, social media accounts, and the Union’s website.

The Okanagan College Students’ Union has a team of students on three campuses: Salmon Arm, Penticton, and Kelowna. The student representative elections run simultaneously, and collectively there are three campus councils. Together they form one board of directors.

Campus council elections would usually happen on site on each of the three campuses where students vote. Under normal circumstances, advertising lets students know that if they want to get involved, there is paperwork that they can fill in, and they need to get someone to nominate them. From there, those forms and details are sent in, and students then run in the election and get voted in by their peers.

Our team was brought in to script and produce a video that included custom animation, a professional voice-over, music and sound design, with the clear goal of directing students to the Union’s site to complete the online election logistics. We created a clean and stylish 90-second animated video making sure that both the video and the narrative could be used in perpetuity without needing to be amended further at each subsequent rollout, given that the Union wanted to use it for next year’s elections as well.

Okanagan College Students’ Union



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