Providence Health Strategic Plan

Project Summary

Providence Health wanted to communicate the core of its new strategic plan to an audience of roughly 6,000 staff members, physicians, and volunteers.

The organization was hoping that the staff would not only be able to remember and ‘name’ the plan, but that they would feel motivated and excited about the future, ensuring that their own goals are aligned with those of the organization.

Our team was brought in to produce a video that would conjure up feelings of excitement, possibility, and empowerment, allowing viewers to feel connected to the plan and eager to figure out how their work can help move the organization forward as a whole toward this exciting future.

We helped determine that the best approach would in fact be to create two videos: The first to provide an overview of the plan with a focus on the ‘why’, and; a second to follow which would provide more details on the ‘how’. This approach also allowed us to get a jump on producing the first video while some of the language and details needed for the second could be ironed out (watch the second video below).

The videos turned out to be their most engaging communications tactic, and they quickly became a key set of tools on the various communications channels being used, which included email and in-person events.

Providence Health

Change Management, External Communications


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