RainCity Housing ‘Opioid Crisis’ Documentary

Project Summary

RainCity Housing and Support Society, in partnership with Gordon Neighbourhood House, was planning on holding community engagement events to help combat the stigmas around the homeless and address how to be a better neighbour during the opioid crisis.

They hoped to incorporate a video presentation into these events to improve engagement, as well as to create a tool that can be distributed online. The goal wasn’t necessarily to change people’s minds, but to help mobilize those who do understand the issue but aren’t as active about it as they could be.

Since the myths around homelessness are both small and large, we suggested the production of a video series instead. The series included one longer video about the broader myths – namely that many people see it as a consequence of a series of ‘bad life choices’ – and subsequent shorter videos that dealt with more specific myths, like the idea that discarded needles pose an imminent public danger. While the longer video could be used in community engagement events, the shorter videos could be used on social media, by both RainCity Housing and its partners.

The longer video above consists of a series of interviews with experts, combined with supporting animation, about the broader social problems that lead to homelessness in British Columbia. It frames homeless individuals in a sympathetic light, emphasizing their humanity and their need for compassion. The shorter videos for social media are included below.

All together, they make a comprehensive case for a more informed and compassionate attitude towards homelessness in our communities.

Raincity Housing

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