Vancouver Community College Student Recruitment

Project Summary

The Students’ Union of Vancouver Community College needed to increase nominations for their student representative elections.

 The organization also wanted the video to act as a resource that students could watch at any time in the year, giving them a clear understanding of the role of the union and how it impacts and benefits students.

Our team was brought in to create an animated video with those two goals in mind, using custom animation, a professional voice-over, music and sound design. On top of that, we built the narrative in such a way that the video could be used for recruitment purposes in years to come without needing to be amended further at each subsequent rollout.

The video was a big success among students and it was shared on the Union’s website, their app, Instagram, Facebook, and newsletters.

Students’ Union of Vancouer Community College

External Communications


Basetwo Media is a video production company with offices in Vancouver and Toronto that helps organizations across Canada to communicate and educate with video.