Project Summary

TELUS needed to communicate their tailored Security Awareness Training service to decision-makers and executive-level roles within organizations.

This cybersecurity offering had to do with providing ongoing and structured training for an organization’s employees to make sure they are continuously up to speed on the latest tactics being used by bad actors to gain access to company databases. In other words, keeping people up to date on phishing techniques and how to thwart them.

Our team was brought in to create a short explainer video using custom animation based on TELUS’ branding guidelines and adding a voice-over, sound design, and music to support the narrative.

As a metaphor for the service, we went for a personal trainer – someone to hold you accountable and design programs for you to follow, in order to stay in shape. The result was this collection of cybersecurity trainer heroes who feature prominently in the video.


Education, Change Management


Basetwo Media is a video production company with offices in Vancouver and Toronto that helps organizations across Canada to communicate and educate with video.