TELUS Truth & Reconciliation

Project Summary

TELUS was looking to engage and communicate the work they have done around Reconciliation and educate their team on key aspects of First Nations history in Canada.

Our team was brought in to produce a series of three videos that were planned as a part of a larger training and communications initiative that involved extensive courses and a stand-alone website with resources.

We went for a mixed-media style using illustrations by an Indigenous artist and photography from the client’s library, along with some line-drawn-style animations and a live-action presenter.

This series covers the history of colonization and the far-reaching, long-lasting effects it has had on Indigenous peoples and Canada in general, the contemporary history with regards to Indigenous-led efforts for equal rights in this country, and finally moves into what TELUS employees can do to get involved and support the Reconciliation movement.

Watch the other two videos in the series below.


Change Management


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