Webinar Recordings

Guide to Video Script Writing

Scripting 101

How to format your scripts, how to apply narrative writing techniques to make more engaging and effective videos.

FNIGC Documentary

Video in Health Care

Examples of how communicators in the health care field have used storytelling to more effectively engage audiences.

Understanding Video Metrics [WEBINAR]

Understanding Video Metrics

From view rate to engagement and conversions, we explore the different kinds of metrics available and what they can tell you.

Media Training Tips from Jaeny Baik

Media Training with Jaeny Baik

You're confident in business, but when you step in front of a camera, your mind goes blank. Empower yourself with simple techniques to dramatically improve your performance.

DIY Video Production

Tips for setting up your own video studio and for filming videos in-house, along with strategies for using video throughout your organization.

YouTube Webinar

YouTube for Business

How to develop a winning YouTube channel strategy and value proposition, along with tips for optimization, and measuring results in YouTube analytics.

Using Video to Teach

Using Video to Teach

The “dos and don’ts” of teaching effectively with video, as well as case studies that demonstrate the power of using video to teach.

Turn Your Video Content Into Sales

Best practices for video content distribution and promotion from Warren Thompson of Digital Marketing agency Ollo Metrics.

video in change management

Using Video to Communicate Change

How video can be used to support people through the change journey, case studies, and some pitfalls to avoid.

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When to use a teleprompter
Video Production
Jeff Pelletier

When Should You Use a Teleprompter?

While it’s true that relying on a teleprompter can sometimes make a video feel overrehearsed, there is a reason why they’re such a commonly used tool in video production. The pros usually outweigh the cons.

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