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Here you’ll find ebooks, videos and other resources to help you get better results from your videos.

Strategy & Script Writing

Guide to Video Script Writing

Guide to Scriptwriting

Tips for writing for the screen, including the importance of storytelling, using video to teach, how long a video should be, and more.

Scripting 101 Webinar

Scripting 101

Learn how to write more effective and engaging scripts in a recording of the most recent live webinar with our writer Andrew.


Video in Health Communications

Case studies on how communicators in the health field can use video to tell compelling stories that more effectively engage audiences.

Storytelling Ebook

The Storytelling Ebook

From cave paintings to religious parables, the most enduring ideas in human culture have been presented in the form of a story. But what exactly is storytelling and how can it be used in your video?

Inbound Marketing Methodology

Guide to Inbound Video Marketing

How to use video within each step of the Inbound Sales & Marketing Methodology in order to attract and convert Leads, close prospects, and delight your customers.

Using Personalized Video

Using Personalized Video in Email

How you can use personalized video throughout your organization to humanize and improve engagement of your emails.


Video Production Fieldguide [FREE EBOOK]

Video Production Field Guide

For those new to the production process, it can feel like a kind of wilderness. Let this ebook be your guide through the sometimes confusing world of video production.

Media Training Tips from Jaeny Baik

Media Training with Jaeny Baik

You’re confident in business, but when you step in front of a camera, your mind goes blank. Empower yourself with a few simple techniques that will dramatically improve your performance!

DIY Video Production Webinar

DIY Video Production

Learn strategies for using video throughout your organization, as well as tips for setting up your own studio and filming and editing videos in-house, in a recording of our most recent live webinar.


Guide to Preparing to be On-Camera

Ready for your close-up? If it’s your first time on camera, don’t worry – we’ve got some tips to help you look your best, including what to wear and how to read from a teleprompter.

Hosting, Distribution & Optimization


Video Thumbnail Optimization

For people to click on your video, you need to catch their attention. Make sure your video gets played with an attractive and relevant thumbnail.


Video Hosting, Optimization & Reporting

What to do once your video is ready, from where to host it, how to optimize it for search, and ways to measure performance to maximize results.

YouTube Strategy Webinar

How Your Business Can Succeed on YouTube

Learn how to develop a winning YouTube channel strategy, along with tips and best practices, as well as how to measure results.

Understanding Video Metrics [WEBINAR]

Understanding Video Metrics

From view rate to engagement and conversions, we explore the different kinds of metrics available and how this data can be integrated with tools like a CRM.


Measuring Video Performance in Google Analytics

How to use Google Analytics for a more comprehensive picture of how your videos are contributing to your larger marketing goals.

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