How to Turn Your Video Content Into Sales

Businesses commonly spend upwards of 95% of their time and budget producing great video content, but only 5% of that time promoting the work they’ve laboured over. Whether you’re creating a video for awareness, consideration, or sales, your results will be dismal without a proper distribution & promotion plan.

In this webinar, you’ll learn agency best practices for video content creation, distribution, and promotion from Basetwo Media and Digital Marketing Agency Ollo Metrics so that you can begin with the end in mind when someone at your company says “we need a video”.

About the Presenters
Warren Thompson

Warren Thompson

Warren is a marketing veteran with 11+ years of experience. He offers a unique perspective by bridging his past experience as a client-side marketing director with his digital agency chops across multiple clients and industries. When he not working with Ollo Metrics clients, he teaches digital marketing classes and workshops at BrainStation and Small Business BC. What he enjoys most about teaching is simplifying the complexities of online marketing to make it relatable and understandable for marketers and business owners. (

Jeff Pelletier

With a background in internet marketing, Jeff began his career as a freelance producer and director before co-founding video production and marketing agency Basetwo Media. Today he writes, speaks, and consults with clients about video marketing strategy. He is the author of the Inbound Video Marketing Playbook.

Basetwo Media is a video production company with offices in Vancouver and Toronto that helps organizations across Canada to communicate and educate with video.