Using Video to Teach Webinar

Organizations of all kinds have discovered the potential of video to instruct, educate, and to train. But how can this tool be wielded to achieve the best results? Should your video be used in a classroom setting, or deployed online? How does it fit in with a broader learning path? How should the content be paced to optimize retention? In this webinar recording we cover:

  • Educational principles that every teacher should know
  • The “dos and don’ts” of effectively teaching with video
  • How to determine whether video is the right tool for your goals
  • Case studies that demonstrate the power of teaching with video
About the Presenter
Andrew Muir

Andrew Muir

Coming from a writing and communications background, Andrew specializes in scriptwriting and creative development. An experienced producer, he also happens to be an experienced teacher, with a background in both childhood and adult education at various levels.

Basetwo Media is a video production company with offices in Vancouver and Toronto that helps organizations across Canada to communicate and educate with video.